Awards Committee

The committee will be responsible for the engraving of name plates for the plaques denoting our annual winners. They will also be responsible for selecting and purchasing gift cards for the winners.  They should check with the President for cost guidelines.

For your information, we have dealt with this company in the past:

Sign Up Sign Services (Formerly Tucson Trophy Company)       1201 E. 22nd St.    310-8100

Judy Hardy 818-2825
Andrea Anderson 818-2396


Charity Committee

There are two primary functions of the Charity Committee:

  1. To find and introduce suggestions to the Board and membership for a worthy charitable contribution from MVLP
  2. To promote the Teacher Supply Fund
Linda Edwards 913-486-7593
Marijo Lewis 260-0688

Chip Starter

Starters will arrive at least 30 minutes prior to our Tee Times.  They are responsible to be sure each putter draws a hole assignment chip.  As a chip is drawn it is not returned to the bag until each hole has one putter then the numbers are returned to the bag to be chosen again. This procedure in repeated as many times as necessary.   This assures an equal number of putters on each hole.  The first putter who draws the hole number is given the board and score sheet for that hole.

February Lorene Buscher 651-728-2587
  Linda Pryde 818-2628
March Joanne Neuman 818-0578
  Mary Beth Snyder 818-6363
April Marie Nola 203-537-7448
  Marla Butcher 829-9998
May Pat Brothers 861-3233
  Betty Farrow 818-0020
June Sue Rains 260-3837
  Martha Hackworth
July Debbie Elofson 825-4233
  Loretta Edgerton
August Karel Titone 630-822-3880
  Kat Danner 925-963-8332
September/October Mary Thomas 520-825-5687
  Pat Wells

Tina Wolfe



November Annette Moyle 520-288-8480   541-527-9135
  Donna Martin

Kandi Connor



December Pat Doane 203-678-8262
  Pat Fink

Susan Schweitzer



January 2019 Carie Scalzo

LeAnn Berg



  Pam Brown 970-531-1890

 Course Setup

The committee will be responsible for arriving early and getting the box of flags and materials needed from the MountainView Pro Shop to set the course for play each Monday morning. Directions for course set up are in the box of materials.

February Gloria Pielke 303-651-2679
  Karen Bird 651-343-4426
  Cathy Scott 909-720-0018
March Kay Tomaszek 818-7917
  Nancy Jewett 818-1548
  Pat Wysocki 825-0103
April Ellen Marano 914-489-2849
  Sandy Bulakowski 818-9457
  Mary Cummins 520-468-2505
May Vicki  Strief 818-3567
  Kathy Struyk
  Kathy Rambur
June Amalia Runkel 661-309-2007
  Maralyn Shirk
  Judy Haack
July Mary Riemersma 619-851-6645
  Kathy Warren 619-203-0728
  Lisa Jensema 520-668-3423
August Ginny Jackson 825-4523
  Joan Davis
  Darlene Pitman 825-1966
September/October Lorna Kitchen/Dottie Adams
253-988-9012 / 825-5255
  Pat Miller 775-544-3311
  Valerie Zink
November Pam Brown 970-531-1890
  Mary Riemersma 619-619-6645
  Diane Kirstine 818-0275
December   Sharon Anderson
  Karen Stott
  Kris Rudin 651-334-9190
January 2019 Jan Baker 319-310-0407
  Kay McCord 309-635-0005
  Jan Talbot 825-1621

Course Take Down

February Dorie Pipers 425-214-2941
  Pat Schweighardt 818-3043
March Annette Moyle 520-288-8480
  Jeane Liske 520-818-1058
April Susan Bodine 825-2315
  Dorothy Anderson 818-3699
May Beryl Saner 941-726-8249
  Maria Miller 314-518-9341
June Dianne Barnard 818-6318
  Eileen Snearly 219-789-2415
July Sherry Grossman 818-3525
  Bonnie Cook 825-7252
August Judy Falewicz

Kathy Davis



  Marty Fischer 541-410-3378
September/October Sandra Valeton 818-9422
  Ro Conti 818-2902
November Carolyn Johnson 818-3520
  Julie Smith 309-259-0166
December Thelma O’Loughlin 520-818-9001
  Phyllis Meierhenry
January 2019 JoAnn Ciaciuch 585-615-0946
  Judy Matchett 468-2490

Luncheon Hostess

The committee will provide candy (chocolate) for tables at each of the monthly luncheon meetings excluding the February Founder’s Day Luncheon and the Holiday Luncheon.  Hostesses have a $25 budget per month and can decide at the beginning of their assignment to divide or share their duties.  The MVLP Treasurer will oversee this committee

Eileen Snearly 219-789-2415
Jan Di Enno 520-355-5599

Nominating Committee

The committee will be responsible for the election process in October.  They will be responsible for recruiting at least one candidate for each office.

Sandy Suwyn 303-242-6409   520-818-1553

Publicity Committee

The committee will select their chairperson. The committee will collect information regarding current and future events and write articles to be submitted monthly to the two SaddleBrooke newspapers, “SaddleBag Notes” and “SaddleBrooke Progress”.  Committee members will be responsible to proof-read all articles for accuracy.  Please refer to the detailed information concerning how to submit articles which is printed in each of the papers.

Jean Kraus 818-2199


The committee will be responsible for taking photographs at our monthly luncheon and special events.  The photographer will be provided with a card for their camera to take the pictures and once taken, the card can be given back to the board for posting on the website.

Raye Cobb 825-9374

Sunshine Committee

The primary focus of this committee is to send cards, which can be computer generated or purchased, to Putters who may be ill or have had surgery.  The cards may be golf themed if appropriate, and may be Get Well, Thinking of You or Sympathy cards to fit the circumstance.   Each week the President asks if anyone has heard of a Putter who is “under par” and then asks the Committee to send a card to that individual.  The Committee brings the card to Monday morning Putting for the membership to sign when feasible. The Committee should do a follow-up call to the Putter after the card is sent to see how the Putter is faring and report back to the President.


Death of a Putter–$50 flowers or check to the charity of their choice;

Death of a Putter’s spouse–$50 flowers or check to the charity of their choice.

Diane Lunghi 825-5358


Special Event:  Founder’s Luncheon, Monday, Feb. 12 

Ginnie Schoepf 818-1290
Betty Magee 825-6968
JoAnn Evans 818-9496
Fira Stout 620-278-6444


Special Event:  Putter Sputters, Monday, March 19;  1st meeting Jan. 22

Margie Nicholson 440-0049
Lynda Meyer 955-2330
Mary Ann Cram 818-9188
Becky Lima 616-366-2906
Norma McCaleb 425-418-0305


Special Event:  Quail Creek,  Monday, Apr. 16; 1st meeting Jan. 29

Kim Harper 825-7135
Becky Lima 616-366-2906
Carol Ratza 825-4090
Pat Wysocki 825-0103
Roberta Wisniewski 825-4597


Special Event:  Moonlight Madness, Sunday, May 27;  1st meeting March 26

Marilee Jones 520-818-0991
Ann Hamm 520-390-8606
Sandy Cavender 520-825-1328
Lorna Kitchen 253-988-9012
Mary Riemersma 619-851-6645


Special Event:  SB Ranchettes, Wednesday, June 6; 1st meeting Apr. 9

Mary Williams 825-6663
Eileen Snearly 219-789-2415


 Special Event: Putter Partners, Tuesday, Oct. 16;  1st meeting August 20

Pat Miller 775-544-3311
Faith Holt 818-1108
Robbie Herrera 303-324-7979
Jean Kraus/Kandi Connor


Special Event:  November Fashion Show, Monday, Nov. 12;  1st meeting Sept. 17

Melody Branstrom      (Sandy Cavander –model) 825-5562
Sandy Schoenleber 770-301-3944


Special Event:  Holiday Luncheon, Monday, Dec. 10; 1st meeting April 30

Sharon Marchione 925-286-6613
Karen Bird 651-343-4426
Becky Lima 616-366-2906
Eileen Snearly 219-789-2415
Ellen Marano 914-489-2849
Darlene Pitman  deco stored in her attic 825-1966
Cathy Scott 909-720-0018