Weekly prizes of $10 will be awarded to a MVL putter who makes the money hole or has 4 holes in one, $15 for 5 or more holes in one.  These monies are deposited monthly in your HOA2 golf credit book after the monthly luncheon when they are are announced.  To check to see if the funds are in your account, please log in to your homeowner’s account at  Once you have logged in, go to My Account, then Credit Book.  Golf Credit book will open and will show the issued amount, the used amount, the expired amount, and the remaining amount.  To redeem these funds, please tell your server at the HOA2 restaurant or the clerk at the HOA2 pro shop you wish to use funds that are in your golf credit book.  These funds must be spent by December 31st.  You do not have to have signing privileges in order to use the winnings posted to your account, but HOA1 member will need an HOA2 card.  At this time, you cannot use it for theater tickets, range balls, lessons or green fees.

The “Roadrunner-of-the-Month” Low Gross trophy is presented to the putter who had the lowest gross score.   The “Lou Ann Garvin Tiger-of-the-Month” Low Net trophy is presented to the putter with the lowest net average for the prior month. The “Hole-in-Wonder” trophy is presented to the putter who had the most holes-in-one.   Recipients of the monthly traveling trophies are responsible for ensuring that they are brought back to the next luncheon meeting.

Monthly scores for Roadrunner and Lou Ann Garvin Tiger Award will only qualify if the Putter has played three or more times during a four or five week month (or two times in a three week month).  The scores will be added together, and then divided by the number of games played (3, 4, or 5).  All holes-in-one will be counted for the month regardless as to how many times they putted.  The total of all holes-in-one will count toward the annual Most Holes-in-One trophy.

Annual “Lou Ann Garvin Tiger-of-the-Year” Low Net, “Roadrunner-of-the-Year” Low Gross, and Most Holes-in-One awards are presented at the February luncheon meeting.  Five of the twelve months must have qualifying scores to be eligible for the Annual Awards.  The averages from each of the qualifying months will be added together and divided by the number of qualifying periods (from 5 to 12) to determine the annual average.

The engraved plaques will be displayed in the Pro Shop.  The winners will also receive a small gift.

Any Putter who scores 39 or less for the first time will receive a 39er sticker to be worn on their name tag.