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Welcome to our Mountain View Lady Putters 

Monday 11/21/22

I just called the pro shop and there is a 2 hour frost delay. We cannot get on the course to set up until 9:30, so we will start at 10am. Enjoy that second cup of coffee.


The 2023 MVLP Board was approved by the membership:

President – Patty Stark

VP – Kim Klindsworth

Secretary – Ann Cristofani

Treasurer – Marilyn Ginther

Membership Coordinator – Sandy Strack

Statistician – Lorna Kitchen

Special Events Coordinator – Joan Davis

Event Advisors – Donna Vargas and Jan Arruda

Members at Large – Annette Moyle, Loretta Edgerton and Joyce Sutay

Advisory Member – Roberta Wisniewski



December Holiday Luncheon

Event: Holiday Luncheon
Date: December 12th
Time: Lunch 12:15 – Doors open 11:30

Option 1:  Grilled Herb Salmon, citrus cilantro rice, chef’s vegetable, lime guava glaze (no cornstarch), rolls & butter

Option 2:  Grilled Balsamic Chicken, lemon herb wild rice, chef’s vegetable, fennel red onion, citrus balsamic relish, rolls & butter

Option 3: (Vegetarian) Mushroom ragu over rotini pasta, chef’s vegetable, finished with parmesan cheese, rolls & butter

Drink: $5.00 – prosecco special with a splash of cranberry juice, mint sprig and fresh cranberries 
Dessert: Surprise!!!
Cost: $25.00 for guests – Luncheon is free for MVLP members
Due Date: November 21st

Please sign in and mark if you are attending or not, along with your menu choice.  Do not sign in for any of your friends.

Luncheon is free for MVLP members; $25 for guests. Guest Sign up is on the last page.

Signup deadline is Monday, November 21.

50/25/25 Raffle (2 winners) Door Prizes!


The MVLP’s meet Monday mornings on the patio behind the Mesquite Grill for our announcements and then putt on the large green nearest the building.  From April 1st to September 30th, announcements begin at 8:30 a.m. From October 1st to March 31st, announcements begin at 9:30 a.m. with putting beginning immediately after. MVLP accepts all SaddleBrooke residents whether you are a non-golfer, novice or golfer.  

If our regularly scheduled putting is to be cancelled, you will be notified via our News Blast email or on our website under Putting Status.  This status will be posted an hour prior to starting time.

There is no putting in the spring (late May-early June) or fall (late September or early October) while the course is closed for aeration and over seeding.  Regular monthly luncheons continue as scheduled during these closure periods.  

Putting green dress codes:  No denim of any color, shorts and skirts must reach mid-thigh and no gym clothes. Sleeveless shirts are OK with or without a collar but the majority of the shoulder must be covered.  

The dress code for events during the Spring/Summer season is our pink MVLP shirts and white pants; Fall/Winter season is our pink MVLP shirts and black pants.      

MVLP Board

We are pleased to announce that the membership of MVLP has accepted the slate of officers for our 2022 MVLP Board.  They are:  President, Roberta Wisniewski; Vice President, Patti Stark; Secretary, Sally Murphy; Treasurer, Kathy Rambur; Statistician, Lorna Kitchen; Membership Coordinator, Sandy Strack; Special Events Coordinator, Joan Davis; Event Advisor, Donna Vargas; Event Advisor, Jan Arruda; Member-at-Large, Annette Moyle; Member-at-Large, Marty Fisher; Member-at-Large, Loretta Edgerton.  The term for the 2022 MVLP Board become effective on February 2022.

Monthly Luncheon Information

Monthly luncheon hours:

Spring/Summer (April 1st – September 30th) lunch at 11:00 am with doors opening at 10:30 am

Fall/Winter (October 1st – March 31st) lunch at 12:00 pm with doors opening at 11:30 am

News of Interest

If you have missed any News Blasts sent out by our president you can find them on this website under Monday Announcements – News Blasts.

Winning Cards:  Putters are awarded $10 for the money hole and 4 holes in one, $15 for 5 or more holes in one.  These monies are deposited monthly in your HOA2 golf credit book after the monthly luncheon when they are announced.  To check to see if the funds are in your account, please log in to your homeowner’s account at   Once you have logged in, go to My Account, then Credit Book.  Golf Credit book will open and will show the issued amount, the used amount, the expired amount, and the remaining amount.  To redeem these funds, please tell your server at the HOA2 restaurant or the clerk at the HOA2 pro shop you wish to use funds that are in your golf credit book.  These funds must be spent by December 31st.  You do not have to have signing privileges in order to use the winnings posted to your account, but HOA1 members will need an HOA2 card.   At this time, you cannot use it for theater tickets, range balls, lessons or green fees.    

Email Blasts:  Please make certain that your email will accept messages from    We have been using this method of communication more to get out important information.  Please check your emails.  

New Member Orientation: Patty Stark, our Vice-Presidents, holds our New Member Orientations.  This is a very informational meeting that takes one hour or less. Any new member will be contacted by Roberta or Patty to set up their orientation. New members, please remember you are not an official member until you have completed our New Member Orientation.

Sunshine Committee Update:  Please let us know when any of our members need a little cheering up or support due to being ill or surgery as we will send a card to that putter   If there is a death of a putter or their spouse, we will send flowers or a check to the charity of their choice.  You can contact Jean Kraus, our President, who will give this information to our committee.


Parking:  Please be considerate.   Golf carts PLEASE park in the golf cart parking lot.   If it is full, PLEASE double up and use the golf cart lines in the car lot and take one parking space for two carts. Golf carts in the cart lot can double park if you leave the key in the cart so the cart hemmed in can move your cart and get out.

Score Cards:  Please remember to put last names of everyone putting in your group on the score card.  We have many Judys and Sandys etc.  This is especially important when we have a new member or guest in the group.  Anyone who is a guest should be noted.  Also, please remember to check the total of your score, total and circle the number of holes in one, and initial the score card.

Name Tags:  Many are again forgetting their name tags.  PLEASE try to remember to wear it!