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Annual winners


Putters are awarded $10 for the money hole and 4 holes in one, $15 for 5 or more holes in one.  These monies are deposited monthly in your HOA2 Association Winnings after the monthly luncheon when they are announced.

To check to see if the funds are in your account, please log in to your homeowner’s account at

Once you are logged in, go to My Account, then My Transactions.  Go to filters and enter a date range.  Under transaction types choose Association Winnings. It will show you the amount and the date it was entered. For an up to date balance, you can go to the golf shop and ask what your balance is.

To redeem these funds, please tell your server at the HOA2 restaurant or the clerk at the HOA2 golf shop, you wish to use your Association Winnings that are in your account. These funds must be spent by December 31st.   You do not have to have signing privileges in order to use the winnings posted to your account, but HOA1 members will need an HOA2 card.

If you are an HOA1 member and do not have an HOA2 account, you will need to make an appointment at the HOA2 administration building to have your picture taken for the HOA2 Homeowners’ card and to fill out the paperwork.

At this time, you cannot use the funds for theater tickets, range balls, lessons or green fees.