Rules and Scoring


Click here to check your handicap.  Your handicap will be calculated in the following manner:  Par for putting is 36.  If a person’s average score for 4 weeks is 42, the difference between 36 and 42 would be 6.  Six would be that person’s “handicap.”  This means 6 strokes would be subtracted from that person’s gross score to arrive at her net score, until the following month, when the handicap may change.  The maximum handicap is 15.

Putters’ handicaps will be updated and posted on the MVLP website every month.   Your handicap will only change if you have played three or more times during a four or five week month (or two out of a three week month).


Bring a putter with your name on it and a ball.  Some type of name tag must be worn.  If you forget your name tag, please use one of the available paper name tags.

A numbered chip is drawn from the Starter, which will designate your starting hole.  Pick up a scorecard and clipboard, unless someone else in your group has already done so.  Please walk around the green to reach your starting hole, not across the green.  Be sure to use both your first and last names on the scorecard.  Two-somes are not allowed, so you may have to split up and join another group.  Place the ball about 6″ on either side of the “Tee Marker.”  If you are unable to hole the ball in three attempts, pick it up and take a score of four.

The Move-Ahead System is used.  If the hole ahead of you is open, the person who is first on that hole may proceed.  Always be ready to hit when it is your turn.  When you are hitting down a hill, do not wait for your ball to come to rest before you start toward it.  This will speed up play and keep things moving smoothly.

Talk quietly.  Be polite, friendly and respectful of other Putters when they are putting.

Dots are placed on the scorecard to indicate who will be first on each hole, in rotation.  Score keeping is shared by all players.  The person who hits first will then keep score for the rest of that hole.  If a ball rolls into the wrong hole, the putter may take it out, place it near that hole and continue putting without penalty.  If a player discovers she has hit toward the wrong hole, she must continue putting from where she is toward the correct hole.  Do not start over and do not take a penalty.  If the ball rolls off the green onto the fringe, putt from that spot.  If it goes into the rough, place it in the fringe area and putt from there.  A putter who arrives late, may join in after teams have started if they are completing, or just finished their first assigned tee.